Technician Accountant TA(L)

Straight Admission (only)

Admission to is only by qualification and experience without any initial competency
examination (ICE). The requirements for admission into the technician accountant level
are the following qualifications and experience;
i. All Accounting Professional Qualifications recognized by the Institute
ii. All academic qualifications recognised by the Institute, plus
One year of relevant practical experience either in public practice or other occupation at
an officer level.

Membership obligations

3.1 Annual Membership Subscription Fees
Every Member of institute remains as such by payment of an annual membership fees
which is prescribed by the Institute from time to time
Membership fees are due in advance, that is on the last month of financial year of the
Institute for the coming year.
There are penalties for failure to pay membership fees which are as follows;
a) 50% of the membership fee after one (1) month,
b) 75% after two months
c) 100% of the subscription after three (3) months,
d) Deregistration from membership by general notice to the public on the fourth
3.2 Continuing Professional Development
Members are required to adhere to the CPD requirement as are contained in the CPD
Policy of the Institute.
3.3 Quality Assurance Reviews and Practice Inspections
Members shall be subjected to Quality Assurance Reviews and Practice Inspections as
contained in the QAR& I policy.