Ms. Morongoenyane Nyakane CA(L)

Ms. Morongoenyane Nyakane   CA(L)

Ms. Morongoenyane Nyakane CA(L)

LIA Vice President

Ms. Morongoenyane Nyakane is a seasoned Chartered Accountant (CA) with a distinguished career spanning over 15 years in the realms of accounting, and external and internal auditing, particularly in diverse sectors, including the Banking Industry. Her professional journey commenced at LETACC Firm of Chartered Accountants, where she served diligently in both accounting and auditing capacities from 2006 to 2012. Subsequently, she embarked on an enriching career at the Central Bank of Lesotho, initially as an Internal Auditor and now holds the prestigious position of Head of Division, Internal Audit Department. 

Throughout her career, Ms. Nyakane has demonstrated her acumen by successfully crafting and implementing innovative internal and external auditing methodologies. These methodologies have not only fortified the governance structures but also enhanced risk management and the overall control environment across various organizations. 

Ms. Nyakane's contributions extend beyond her professional roles. She has cultivated strategic leadership skills through her involvement as a council member of the Lesotho Institute of Accountants. In this capacity, she has chaired key committees such as Audit and Risk, Practicing Members, and Disciplinary Committees. Additionally, she plays a pivotal role as a Committee Member at the Institute of Internal Auditors Lesotho, holding various positions, including Deputy President. Her tireless advocacy for the adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards and International Auditing Standards for auditors in Lesotho underscores her commitment to elevating professional standards. 

Furthermore, Ms. Nyakane's dedication to promoting good governance is commendable. Her expertise led to her nomination as a representative of the Lesotho Institute of Accountants in the development of the inaugural Corporate Governance Code, known as the Mohlomi Code, in Lesotho. 

In summary, Ms. Morongoenyane Nyakane's illustrious career as a Chartered Accountant is marked by her unwavering dedication, profound expertise, and impactful contributions to the fields of accounting, auditing, and governance. Her leadership and advocacy have left an indelible mark on the professional landscape of Lesotho.